What is the relationship between the moon and Chandraloka?

by Chaitanya CharanNovember 27, 2013

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Did man go to the moon?

From Pancha Pandava P

Transcription: Jyoti Shirasangi Mataji

Question: If we can’t access Chandra loka, because we don’t have the karmic qualifications, then how are we able to see the moon? What is the connection and difference between Chandra loka and the moon?

Answer: in Jyotish shastra it is described that, we are given access to the vision of those things, which are auspicious for us. So, within the universe, there is much that is described in the Vedic cosmology, e.g. mount meru. Relatively speaking, from the distance point of view, mount meru is much closer than many of the other things in the universe, which are much further away, but we are not able to see them, but we are able to see Surya Chandra. Why is that?

Because, these are important for us in 2 ways. 1 is, seeing them is payas, i.e. it brings punya, and secondly, knowing their locations is vitally important for us to determine Muhurtas, i.e. to determine good and bad times, and then accordingly do religious functions by which we will be able to advance in payaty and spirituality.

The point is, for advancing in payaty and spirituality; we don’t need to physically transfer ourselves to Chandra loka. We can know the position of the moon, and we can behold it, especially on special days, like some sacred Pornimas and others, and that is purifying.

So, we have to understand that, within the universal hierarchy, we are given access to those things that are important for our purposes. Our purposes means, not the purposes that we determine as, my purposes, but, for the purposeof our existence, as determined within the universal order.

e.g., a Clerk,while working on a big computer, when he is given limited access to a particular amount of data.we are given access to moon, in terms of seeing, because that purifies, and that helps us to determine time for purifying activities, but we don’t need to go to Chandra loka, that’s why we are not given that access.

As far as,what is the connection between the moon and Chandra loka that is concerned, in general, the higher levels of existence are not comprehensible precisely by our finite vision. So, the example of a computer with multiple levels of access suggests that, actually the computer is 1 and the same thing, but the access is different. Whereas the other example of a city and a map indicates that, a city and a map are 2 different things. What is the exact reality? We have to understand that, we can’t understand it completely, because our capacities are limited.

So, generally, whenever any examples are given, whatever I am discussing over here is based on Dr. Richard Thomson Sadhakud Pr, one of the post prominent scientist disciples of Srila Prabhupada.He has explained in a book called, Vedic Cosmography, and there itself he describes that, within the Vedic understanding, the purpose of the study of the cosmos, is not comprehension. The purpose of the study of the cosmos is transformation. He didn’t use these words, but I am paraphrasing the attitude, that is underlining. Comprehension means, it’s like the idea that, now I understand and conquer everything. What is the transformation? Transformation is that, we understand how tiny we are.

Generally in our small worlds, we think, we are very great. But when we study the vastness of the universe and its complexity, then the result is, transformation, i.e. I am so small, I am so tiny, and that change from the attitude and ideas of one’s own greatness to humility, that is very conducive for spirituality, for spiritual advancement. Therefore, these examples which we give are like Shaka Chandra Nyaya, 1 branch is here, 1 branch is here, the moon is in between. But actually, the moon is not in between, it appears to be in between, but the moon is far away.

So, are the Chandra loka and moon exactly the same or radically different? No. there is some sameness and there is some difference also, and the exact nature of that connection and that difference, we can’t perceive, because of our limited access based on our finite intelligence. But what we understand is, we have been given enough understanding, so that we can pursue the ultimate purpose of life, that is, spiritual advancement, and ultimately turning back to Krishna. Whether we understand the relationship between Chandra loka and the Moon, that is not as important as, whether we understand the relationship between us and Krishna. If we understand that relationship, then we can become purified, and we can attain supreme happiness of life, that is the ultimate purpose.

Thank you.

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