What’s wrong with consensual sex?

by January 19, 2012

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What is wrong with consensual sex ? If a boy and a girl are agreeable and without any cheating and without any force they engage in sex , what is wrong with it ?

The essential thing wrong with it is that it militates against the purpose of life and it comprises violation of the sanctity of the reproductive activity. Lord Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita in the seventh chapter that I sex life that is not contrary to religious principles. So spiritual life is not perse against sexuality, but it is against abused and devalued sexuality. The sexual act is primarily present in nature, for the purpose of procreation. Now procreation brings along with it the responsibility of parenthood, and before pregnancy for the women, now as pregnancy and subsequent parenthood are difficult to some extent, so nature has balanced that difficulty by giving the pleasure of the orgasm during sexual intercourse. Now both of them come together, generally we see in nature, that animals don’t use contraceptives, they have the natural biological urge, they unite and they procreate, so , just as in an ordinary state, we have rights and we have responsibilities. Similarly, nature has endured us with the capacity for sexual pleasure, but along with that there is a responsibility for begetting children and taking care of the children, So generally when there is consensual sex among people who are unmarried, or if they are doing it outside marriage, then, the responsibility of begetting children is by passed, by some artificial means, whether it is contraception or abortion. Generally speaking, the soul which was transmitted from the sperm of the man to the womb of the women is not allowed to get a new body and that is why the soul has to go to another new body and that’s considered to be like killing an infant and it is serious offence, Modern medical science discovered that how abortion is a serious cold blooded murder. The documentary “silent scream” by a doctor who himself was an abortionist became an anti abortion campaigner after he saw through technology , how much an embryo is struggle in the womb to try to maintain its life, but how it is caught and crushed during the processes of abortion, indicates that actually it is a cold blooded murder. So contraception does the same thing at a more early stage so that one is not aware of it. One may not be able to perceive it. but the essential principle is often the same. and apart from the violence involved, apart from the unnatural separation of he pleasure from the responsibility involved,sex, because when we absure it, devalue it, separating from it the sacred purpose of begetting new live into this world for just fulfilling our temporary r just for pleasure, then it also becomes source of great entanglement and suffering, That suffering we can see even in this life in terms of sexually transmitted diseases like aids, and we also understand in terms of the karmic punishments that will come in the future and we also understand it in terms of more importantly, for a spiritual seeker, in terms of the massive distraction from spiritual advancement that it creates. Shrila Prabhupada, writes, that the purpose of marriage is to make mind peaceful so that one can advance spiritually. so the nature of the mind is to go into a hyperactive imaginative mode, whenever it comes to sexual enjoyment. and as long as the mind is preoccupied with cultivating new and newer errotic fantascies and scheming to fulfill those fantasies, then the mind can never be focused on higher spiritual pursuit. That is why spirituality , the Bhagavad Gita recommends, that one does not necessarily have to give up sex per se , but one can and should , restrain it within the sacred bond of marriage. The sacred bond of marriage help us to sustain a family network where the child who is born is properly taken care of. and it also helps us to take the relationship with the other person just from the bodily level to more emotional and eventually spiritual level, where both the marriage partners can help each other to spiritual advancement, to read more about systematic analyses please see the article “whats wrong with sex” there is posted as a link over here,.

Summarize consensual sex is undesirable because t militates against nature , for it tries to separate copulation from reproduction, and secondly , it involves ,generally speaking towards the soul who is about to get a body as a baby, thirdly it can lead to varities of diseases, and fourthly it comprises a massive distraction due to the minds’ agitation from the real purpose of life, which is to realize our spiritual nature to become purified and return back to Krishna.

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