When Ajamila chanted with the wrong conception, why did Vishnutas come?

by Chaitanya CharanJanuary 26, 2015

From Pandurang Charan P

Transcription (edited) by– Vrindavaneshvari Devi Dasi and Keshavgopal Das

Question – When Ajamila chanted the names of Lord Hari with the wrong conception (i.e. with the conception of his son), then why did Vishnudutas appear over there?

Answer–  Acharyas have explained that initially Ajamila chanted the names of Narayana with the thoughts of his son in his mind but as he called out his son, ‘Narayana’, the Lord’s name invoked the true knowledge in his mind. At that time when he saw Yamadutas coming towards him, he immediately realized, based on the brahmanical training he had received in the past, that his son will not be able to help him at this particular time. He recalled, at this moment of death only the supreme Lord Narayana can save him, thus his conception shifted.

Initially he called ‘Narayana’ thinking of his son but as soon as he pronounced the name, the sound entered his ears and when he saw the imminent danger, his thoughts shifted to supreme Lord. Although his sentiments were not pure but he had knowledge of the pure conception so his thoughts shifted towards the proper conception.

In reciprocation to his present state of mind and with whatever bhakti he had performed prior to his fall, Lord Vishnu send His dutas to ascend him and rescue him.

Therefore, although he chanted the Lord’s name with the wrong conception but he was not ignorant of right conception; only forgetful of the right conception. The utterance of the Holy Names reminded him of the right conception and he was saved. Still because his heart was not purified, the result that he got was limited to the interruption in his downwards spiral towards hell where he was supposed to go if yamadutas had taken him.

After this incident, he continued to stay in the material world but then he purified himself by rigorous practice of austerity and then eventually he went back home, back to Godhead. He had to purify himself to stabilize in the right conception and then he was able to go back to Godhead.

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