When Krishna always uses his free will properly, why don’t we too when we are his parts?

by Chaitanya CharanJune 12, 2014

Transcribed by :  Geetanjali Nath

Question:  Krishna is all independent    , and He uses his free will to do God work. How can we do bad with our free will ?
Answer:   Independence, without intelligence leads to decades, Krishna is not only fully independent is also fully intelligent. We have independence but because we are tiny parts , our independence is tiny and our intelligence is also tiny. So as long as we act only based on our tiny intelligence , we cannot always use our independence properly. And because of improper use of intelligence, We go into degraded, we make wrong choices and become degraded. We hurt ourselves and we hurt others also. But But as parts, we have fractional independence , and independence brings responsibility. We use the the independence properly , because Krishna has in fact  intelligence, so Krishna always uses His intelligence for benevolence. Benevolence  means to do good. To do good for one-selves and others . So when as …………says ‘connect with Krishna”, when we turn towards Krishna, when we take intelligence from Him, then, our independence also will lead to overbalance. But as long as we rely on our own fractional intelligence, then there is always a possibility that our intelligence can mislead us.So its not just a matter of we being parts of Krishna, but we also staying as parts of Krishna by using our using our intelligence properly. Otherwise we will not be able to act , use our intelligence properly and that’s how we land up in degradance, doing wrong thing.
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