When the Pandavas were born of various demigods, why are they called the sons of Pandu?

by Chaitanya CharanFebruary 11, 2012

From: Kailash

5 Pandavas, were born to wifes of King Pandu from different demigods. Than why they are still called Son of Pandu

Question- The five Pandavas were born to the wives of king Pandu through different demigods. Then why are they still called the sons of Pandu?

Answer- In the Vedic culture, the importance of maintaining one’s race and dynasty is considered quite important. It is quite essential and indispensable as far as possible. That is why it was a recognized practice acknowledged and accepted in the Vedic culture that if the husband is for some reason not able to procreate children then some elevated personality like sages or devatas or other people who are advanced in knowledge in culture and wisdom, they can be called so that children can be begotten and the dynasty be continued. Generally, when this happens with the consent of the husband or the elders of the family then it is considered entirely dharmic and not considered transgressing the codes of virtue.

Since the sons were begotten under the instruction of Pandu for the sake of preserving his dynasty, therefore, although the specific act of begetting was done by certain devatas but because the act was initiated by Pandu and the queens did that to fulfill his desire, they are considered sons of Pandu and hence they are called Pandavas.


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