Why did Krishna and Arjuna meet each other first time so late in their lives?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 29, 2014

Transcribed by:  Geetanjali Nath

Question: Krishna and Arjuna are eternal connected and yer why did they meet so late in their lives ? Krishna has met Arjuna in draupadi’s svambar for the first time.

Answer: Now we see from the literal point of view in the way past times are happening, Krishna and the pandavas , both spend their childhood making obscurity, Krishna lived in Vrindavan, so Vrindavan is not any, at-least from the point of view of geo-politics of the times, it was not any power center, it was simply a pasteurizer land, which was just some small part of Kamsa’s kingdom, and the Pandavas were living in the forest with their father Pandus, and only after father Pandu passed away, that time they were in teens. And when Krishna came to Mathura at that time he also was almost in His teens and then the pandavas have been trained in Drona’s academy , so after the Pandavas came from the forest , from Himaayas to Hastinapur, the Mahabharat does not describe any occasion when pandavas leave their kingdom and go elsewhere, because Pandavas focus primarily was …………..they were being trained in their responsibility and royal business, they had to learn not just warfare but also administration, so they were caught ion their affairs, and Krishna was also caught in dealing with invaders, after he           with Kamsa, still Kamsa’s son in law Jarasandha, and Jarasandha kept attacking repeatedly, so Krishna had to deal with these invasions, and eventually He ……………Dwarka, and Dwarka was relatively was isolated from rest of the world, it was almost like inside the ocean. so because of their particular situation , the opportunity for interaction did not take place. that is from the point of view of the practical story line. From the transcendental perspective , we understand that Krishna does His pastimes according to His independent will. and He demonstrates , through pandavas that His devotees are in themselves are also glorious and when they connect with Him , then their glory becomes even more. The Pandavas were powerful,……….worriers, and they were always in one sense devoted to Krishna and guided and Krishna and empowered by Krishna. but in terms of the chronology, Krishna identifies that the need at the time when Pandavas have gone through various struggle and have proven their mental for the  world to know that they are great worriers. and the idea is that people who are so great  even they are devoted to Krishna, Even they, that means, what happens, it means how great is Krishna. we should all become devotees of Krishna. That’s how Krishna arranges for His meeting with different associates at different times, to demonstrate different principles of devotion.Thank you

Hare Krishna.

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