Why did Yaksha ask so many questions to the Pandavas?

by Chaitanya CharanJuly 28, 2014

Transcribed by: Argha Maji

Question: Why did Yaksha ask so many questions to the Pandavas?

Answer: Actually he asked specifically to Yudisthira and the reason was that Yaksha was actually Yudhisthira’s father. So he wanted to demonstrate the virtue and vast knowledge of Yudisthira. In that particular pastime , all the other Pandavas come and they drink the water and they fall unconscious. And then Yudisthira comes and Yaksha says actually it is an invisible voice, so you can’t say who it is . And if you answer my questions , only then you can drink the water. So in many ways we see sometimes Arjuna is the hero in Mahabharata , he fights and wins against so many warriors. Bhima is heroic, sometimes it appears what is so great about Yudisthira what is so special about him? So this pastime demonstrates that how Yudhisthira, where all his other brothers failed, Yudisthira had greater sense control , so he restrained, he didn’t drink water when he was told not to drink water and secondly he also had such great wisdom that he answered all the questions. Yaksha asked these questions, Yaksha was actually Dharma, Yama , his father and he asked these questions to demonstrate how glorious Yudisthira is.

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