Why do the original Vedas give so little knowledge about the ultimate goal of bhakti?

by Chaitanya CharanSeptember 21, 2014

From Karuneshwari Mataji

Based on the presentation of the Vedic literatures, it seems that the original 4 Vedas, the shruti,  contain only karma kanda and jnana kanda, and that bhakti is presented only in the smriti -for example,  in Srimad Bhagavatam,  and also in Bhagavad Gita.  I understand that Srila Vyasadeva compiled SB after being instructed by Narada, as he was feeling dissatisfied after compiling the Vedas, due to not having presented the glories of Lord Krishna.  I am wondering why the original Vedas give so little knowledge of the ultimate goal? Although the majority of people are interested in karma kanda, and then jnana kanda, surely there were always those interested in the Absolute Truth also?

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