Why do we do pradakshina?

by Chaitanya CharanMay 16, 2014

Transcription by- Keshav Gopal Das & Ambuj Gupta

Question: Why do we do pradakshina?

Answer: The idea of pradakshina is in a very physical and practical way reminds ourself of the reality that Krishna, God, is the center of our lives. When we do pradakshina we go round the Deity. The Deity place is at the center and we are going around the Deity. That’s how when we go physically around Deity, we meditate that physical encirculation of the Deity gives us the opportunity to meditate how Krishna should be the center of our lives.

When we circumambulate we are also engaging our feet in the service of the Lord by rendering practical service to Him and also we are offering our respect in that way. Traditional way of offering respect is by doing circumambulation.

Now another important point to recognize is that the pradakshina is done normally clockwise. The idea is that we keep the Deities to our right and the right is also associated with righteous. We remember that the connection of Lord is basis of all righteous conduct and when we do parikrama in that way then we are reminded that we need to offer our heart to the Lord and thereby we can act righteously.

The word pradakshina, its meaning is given in the puranas. Pra + da + akshi + na. Pra refers to that which frees us from sinful reaction, da refers to which bestows or gives or which fulfills our desires, akshi refers to which destroys our karma and na (as it comes in Krsihna) refers that which grants liberation. So pradakshina in this way is means by which we can get the blessings of the Lord. Thank you.

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