Why does Kavi Karnapura say he is writing Anand Vrindavana Champu for my own pleasure?

by Chaitanya CharanAugust 18, 2013

Shouldn’t a devotee be doing everything for Krishna’s pleasure?

Transcription:Sudha Mehta Mataji

Question: Why does Kavi Karnapura say he is writing Anand Vrindavana Champu for my own pleasure? Shouldn’t devotees be doing everything for Krishna’s pleasure?

Answer: Yes definitely whatever devotees do is certainly for Krishna’s pleasure. Here when Kavi Karnapura talks about writingfor his own pleasure we have to understand the context. Before that section in Vrindavan champu Kavi Karnapura says how poetry itself becomes a matter of debate among various poets and different poets say this is the right thing to do that is the right thing to do that is wrong this is wrong so in this way there is so much debates that happens between different poets and he is saying like that many mundane poets may find something wrong with my writing and he says if they think like that then let them think like that I don’t care I am here to glorify Krishna and I am going to glorify Krishna and actually Kavi Karnapura extra ordinary poetic ornaments sometimes one one points he gives sometimes a dozen examples or dozen metaphors to illustrate say when Krishna was dancing on Kaliya how did he look like? or when Krishna jumped into the Kaliya kund what were the feelings? he gives examples for each of these poetic metaphors  So he does use a lot of poetic ornamentation but the point is he is saying that he doesn’t care for others means he doesn’t care whether other poets will find faults or other poets will find virtues in it. In that sense I am writing for my own pleasure. But what is a devotee’s pleasure? Devotee’s pleasure is to glorify Krishna

Tvad veeri gayana maha mruta gni caita (Needs correction)

So Kavi Karna pura’s mood is I am writing this for glorifying Krishna and beyond that if there are some literary flaws or there are some literary virtues that doesn’t matter so much and that was the mood of Vyasadev also  or Narad muni to Vyasadev when he says that in the first canto even if there are some flaws in the compositions that glorify Krishna  they are accepted by saintly people so this is when he says writing for my own pleasure it essentially means my pleasure in glorifying Krishna without worrying too much about grammatical technicalities about precise poetic compositions

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