Why does the list of eight siddhis not include garima?

by Chaitanya CharanOctober 23, 2014

From Anuj Agarwal:

In NOD 1 Srila Prabhupada mention the names and description of mytic siddhis. He mentions Anima and becoming so light as one can fly (part of laghima) as achieved by scientist. Then he mentions 6 other siddhis that are not attained Laghima, prapti, isita, vasita, prakamya and kamyavasiyata. He doesn’t mention mahima – becoming bigger than the universe which he does mentions in some other places in other books. Now if we search on internet (wikipedia and some other spiritual teachers) we find one more siddhi mentioned Garima – becoming heavier than the heaviest. Also kamyavasiyata is not mentioned in their list. So which is the correct list?

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