Why were Indian rulers other than Shivaji not empowered by the Lord to protect Vedic culture?

by Chaitanya CharanAugust 14, 2014

From Ajay Gauranga Prabhu

Recently I read few pages about Indian history. I was shocked to know how India was till 10th century & how it is now. There were beautiful temples having beautiful deities. There were many spiritual universities. There were many nice vaishnavas.

But Moghals ruled around 500 years followed by Britishers for about 200 years. There were lots of persecutions done by Moghals. Each & every ruling Sultan destroyed innumerable temples, killed Vaishnavas, broke beautiful deities just because there was some cultural & philosophical difference between what they followed & what Indians followed.

Also King Shivaji could resist these invaders in quite good amount in Maharashtra, Kranataka as well as Tamilnadu. Then why his descendants were not enough empowered like him?

Also we see in consecutive years there was Maratha kingdom but due to lack of cooperation between each other they lost their ruling thus few Britishers could easily rule India. Thus Britishers systematically destroyed Indian spiritual heritage simultaneously killed many cows.

Hence should we see this as Lord’s plan to create impious atmosphere because living entities in kaliyuga don’t want spiritual atmosphere. Also is this right understanding that Lord wants to create impious atmosphere as per the karma of the people in this age?

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