Aren’t Brahmavadis ultimately Mayavadis because they consider the Lord’s form to be temporary?

by Chaitanya CharanOctober 23, 2014

From Keshava Kashmiri P

why there exist the two different class of impersonalist at all . since brahmavadis don’t condemn the personal form as krishna as material ,that means they accept the spiriual form of krishna as sac-cid ananda .so if they are in knowledge ,why they still hanker for merging into brahma- jyoti . the very fact that they still desire to merge into brahman indicates that they don’t accept krishna in its form as bhagavan .for brahmavadis ,often krishna’s form is transformation of brahman to make some lila in this world .for them brahman is eternal , and form of krishna is just a transformation of that eternal brahman( nirguna brahman) into human form (saguna brahman ) ,which they think to be temporary , which after the pastimes of lord is completed ,again becomes one with nirguna brahman ,becasue they don’t conceive brahman and bhagavan to exist simultaneously . i agree that they (brahmavadis) don’t consider krishna’s form to be material ,but they don’t consider krishna to be eternal either .they don’t conceive as if lord resides eternally in his spiritual world .this being the case.

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