Does telepathy really happen? If yes, how?

by Chaitanya CharanNovember 2, 2013

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Question:What is the Vedic perspective on Telepathy? Does it exist?  How it is to be understood?

Answer:Telepathy refers to the communication between two people, involving information transfer, without using any of the sensory channels known to modern science.  E.g. If there are two persons located at two different places and if one person’s thoughts can be known by the other person located somewhere else, it  would happen, by telepathy.

However,  science has not accepted telepathy even though  there are many scientific experiments, which   strongly suggest otherwise.. Infact, the same is evident from great deal of  research work done by psychologist Rhine, also considered as pioneer, in this field.

This is all actually categorized under a title called PSI phenomenon, or ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). Rhine found that, even when two people were put in different rooms,  made of thick iron or such material, which wouldn’t allow even the radio waves to pass through, and  when  one person was asked to think on certain subject it was found that the other person could exactly get the same thought as that of  first.

Further ,some people are known to be telepathically linked, in the sense that, their thoughts often go along similar pattern, especially when they want the other person  to know about their thoughts and  therefore, such kind of people can be observed.

Even though many mainstream scientists, reject telepathy due to  inadequate scientific research supporting it, nonetheless  it has been reasonably well documented, to at least make a tenable case for it.

The question that arises now is that, how does it happen? The mind has subtler powers, which are not known to modern science, because   it largely restricts itself to the study of gross matter.

There is  gross matter, subtle matter and then  the soul. At the level of subtle matter, the laws of Physics, as  known through modern science, are not necessarily applicable, for  the mind can act in ways, not limited by these laws of physics. That’s why, person ‘A’  placed at one location and  person ‘B’ in another  and at  great distance  such that, there is no sound transmission possible between them, nor  they  have some device by which some waves  can be  transmitted between them, like a cell phone, or any other device, and still one  person gets to know  about the other person. How?  It’s because the mind communicates at a subtler level, and if two people’s minds can be linked, then they can communicate with the each other, without requiring any gross medium, or a gross medium of transmission.

How does the mind do this ? The mind exists at a higher dimension, and higher the dimension, quicker the means of access. If one  has to go from one end of the room to the other room, one will  go in one dimension, and then  vertically down, and then  horizontally. However,, if one  goes in two dimensions, or introduces a 3rd dimension, which is diagonally shorter, then the access would be quicker , similarly , higher the dimension, quicker the access.

The mind does not necessarily have to be physically localized and restricted, in its communication capacity. For instance In Mahabharata .Vyasdev tells his mother Satyavati that, whenever she would need him ,she can just think of him and he would immediately appear before her, and that could  happen only through telepathy.  Various cases such as the above have been observed. Sometimes people  talk about certain common experiences of telepathy,say when somebody   is in danger, and his loved one suddenly starts getting  apprehensive orsay, when a person dies, then  person linked to him  suddenly wakes up at night and feels something very fearful  is that necessarily telepathy?

Well, whatever is depicted in popular culture, not all of it is authentic, and that we don’t have to emphasize on that too much. Our focus should primarily be on understanding the principles. Which examples are specifics authentic examples of telepathy and which are not,  have to  be decided with  criticality and careful research, , otherwise if some anecdotal incidents, which are not properly substantiated, are  provided  as  proofs for telepathy, they  may weaken our arguments, if they  do not prove  to be adequately authentic.

Thus, broadly with respect to paranormal phenomenon, our focus is not to prove but to explain those phenomenons, and show the superiority of the Vedic worldview in explaining them,  as compared to the modern scientific worldview, which reduces reality down to gross matter.

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