If God created everything, who created God?

by March 18, 2015

Answer: Let’s consider the answer in three different ways.

  1. Once a person read a novel for the first time in his life. On coming to know that the novel was written by an author, he asked, “Where is the author in the novel?” The above question is quite similar to that. The answer obviously is that the author is not in the novel; he created the timeline, the storyline and the characters in the novel, but he exists outside it. Similarly, God created time, space and everything, including all of us, who live within time and space, but he himself exists outside the fabric of time and space. So everything that exists within time and space needs a beginning, a cause, but God who exists outside it, needs no cause, for he is the cause of time and space; he exists outside the chain of creator and created.
  2. The Vedic literatures provide us the definition of God: sarva karana karanam. “He is the cause of all causes.” This definition implies that, while tracing back the origin of all the things around us, the point where we stop is God. If God were to have an origin, then that origin would be God. Because even according to pure logic, the source of everything cannot have a source. So this question is itself illogical as it originates in an illogical understanding of the term, God.
  3. Modern science has confirmed that our universe has a beginning, that it is not eternal. Most current scientific theories propose the origin of the universe to be a singularity, a point of infinite density, infinite temperature and infinitesimal size, a point that is beyond all conceptions of space and time, a point that is mathematically indescribable and physically unrealizable. And science has no reasonable answer to the question of where this singularity came from. Thus even so-called rational science cannot avoid ascribing inconceivable (we could say “irrational”) attributes to the origin of everything, but it is ascribing them to a lump of matter instead of God. So materialistic science and spirituality both require us to accept on faith their version of how the universe originated. But let’s examine: which faith is more reasonable? Does a lump of matter organize itself into a building or does an intelligent person organize lumps of matter into a building? All experience points to an intelligent person. So isn’t it logical that the organization, structure and harmony in the universe – the cosmic building we live in – require a Super-intelligent Person, not just a super-energetic lump of matter?

To summarize, no one created God because he exists outside the chain of creator and created, he is by definition the causeless cause of all causes and he is the most reasonable conception of the origin of everything.




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