If our svarupa happens to be in dasya, how will be satisfied in that svarupa now that we know madhurya is highest?

by Chaitanya CharanMay 14, 2014

Transcribed by: Ashwini Kamath Mataji

Question: From Shivanand Prabhu, now that we know from Gaudiya Sampradaya, Madhuraya rasa is the highest .when we become purified and come to know our eternal svarupa is in the Dasya rasa, then how can we be satisfied with Dasya rasa, knowing that Madhuraya rasa is the highest?

Answer: In the spiritual world, satisfaction is not dependent on any hirerachy. It is simply dependent on the intensity of our relationship with Krishna. So, that hierarchy which is given is simply for us to appreciate the distinctness uniqueness forgiveness that Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has given us and to appreciate the variety that is there in the spiritual world. But, every devotee has a unique relationship with Krishna and we are all in such a way that we are fully satisfied in our relationship with Krishna and Sanatana Gosvami when he describes the gopakumaras ascend to the spiritual world in the BrihadBhagavatamrita, these gopakumaras be always unfulfilled in life, then he gets the mantra and he goes to swarga and like that he goes up and up, so he goes to Ayodhya, he goes to Dwaraka, he goes to Vaikunta and finally to Vrindavana. So, now even in the Ayodhya or in Dwaraka or in Vaikunta when he goes there he finds that the residence over there are fully satisfied and actually they believe in that Vishnu or Rama or Dwaraka Krishna ,the lords are beyond all top and their might be other incarnations but they don’t bother about it. This is lord of Lila, for them their worshipable lord is the higher priority and Sanatana Gosvami also doesn’t in anyway indicate that their conception is wrong because in the spiritual realm there is concentrated subjectivity. In material realm normally subjectivity is a result of our imperfect perception. So, we would like to remove subjectivity so that we can have correct perception. But actually if you look at spiritual realm subjectivity, the gritted subjectivity becomes greater than the perfection. In Vrindavana, you know the fact that vrajvasis don’t think of Krishna as god, they think of him as their child or as their friend, that is considered to be the height of their devotion. So subjectivity is desirable in spiritual world. In the same way it is not that devotees in the spiritual world are dependent on their position in some hirerachy to feel satisfied. The subjectivity that is there it is actually is the essence of by which rasa is experienced and that subjectivity is respected by the acharayas when they are presenting it and actually the soul is satisfied. So Krishna also, significant that BrihadBhagavatamrita is describing the story and talks about gopakumaras,and this gopakumaras goes to spiritual world and meets Krishna and fully satisfied.Sanatana Gosvami in the gaudiya sampradaya,it is very clear, is one of the founder acharayas of the gaudiya sampradaya and chaitanaya mahaprabhu has taught that madhurya rasa is highest, but he doesn’t feel any insecurity in depicting the BrihadBhagavatamrita about the gopakumaras and he is not depicting Gopakumaras,gopakumaras are in sakhya rasa. That is what he depicted and that’s what is perfection. Similarly is, Jayadeva is also depicting sakhya, he also goes to sakhya rasa .So the point is that the satisfactionary relationship with Krishna, comes in Krishna and our connection with him and not on our position in relationship with other things. Although that sort of comparison is helpful for analysis but for our inner experience, it is just we and KRISHNA and in that relationship that’s what satisfies us.BhaktiVinodThakur tells

Ami to` tomara, tumi to` amara,

My lord I m yours and you are mine and

Ki kaja apara dhane

what other treasure do I want

Purva itihasa, Bhulinu sakala,

I will forget everything that I have learnt in the past and

Seva sukha pe’ye mane

I just relish the joy of service to you.

That is how it is .The intensity of our relationship with Krishna is the source of supreme satisfaction irrespective of whatever our hirerachy in relationship with others.

Thank you.

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