Mind It!

Nothing shapes our perceptions, emotions, actions, and ultimately our destiny as much as our mind. Though the mind is a constant inner presence, we rarely realise its presence, leave alone evaluate its effect.

Mind It! offers sixty-four reflections on ten verses of the Bhagavad-gita, an ancient classic on mind management. Each of these reflections is like an inner torchlight for observing whether our mind is working for our interests or against them.

Some of the reflections are:

  • The mind is a tormentor, not a mentor.
  • The mind may replay, but we don’t have to play
  • If we let the mind fill in the blanks, it will overwrite the sentence
  • The mind is like a dog that barks, but can’t bite – unless we let it
  • When the mind cries wolf, know that the mind is the worst wolf
  • Play the part of the part and the whole will fill the hole
  • Meditation minimizes inner friction and maximizes outer contribution
  • The mind is the TV – and the TV-thief
  • When you shake an apple tree, don’t be blind to the falling of mangoesWith catchy, concise titles that convey the gist of each of its reflections, Mind It! is a ready resource for spiritual empowerment in our inner battle for fulfilling our potential.

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