South Africa’s Economic Collapse A Bhagavad – Gita Perspective

by Chaitanya CharanJanuary 7, 2024



What do we hear from?South Africa’s collapse.From Babuita perspective.Answer.I’m not a specialist in South African history and.So South Africa is not collapsed but definitely things are declining.

As the menu sources as also as document devotees who have been there versus there or immigrated away from there that Australia or Canada or other countries.

I like to make three points.First is that.

The aspiration for equality and freedom is a very deep rooted human need and.

Null semen de las protest against.Apartheid and is eventual release and ascent as the head of the new.South African state is probably one of the most moving stories of the recent century.

In the said that in this world when people are the function, they need karma.They need the quality they need qualities going on and karma they need competence.So.

We have a truthful that is good, but it is not about warrior then they are not able to strategist.Then they will be either slaughtered or outwarded by other kshatriyas who may not even be less as truthful as they are.It’s the point is competence matters.In the functioning in this world.

And that’s why.The bakudita is not an idealistic book.It’s a while it does talk about ideas, it also has a hard idea to realism and it’s approach to the world.And therefore it states that.The oxygen resourcefulness is a vital characteristic of the stator.For ruler of a head of state, that means.

One has to be expert enough to know what resources are available to oneself and then we use those resources properly to solve existing problems as well as to.Address future problems.Probably the biggest problem for us. South Africa, which is machine economy slowing it down and pushing it down.

Is the chronic mismatch between the supply of.Fuel and it’s requirement.

So whatever the specific reasons.If somehow that was not anticipated there was not addressed and the result of that is that.People are using solar power the state is collapsing and then people are using their own private security is where they can develop the enough.

So while principals or values are important practical.Competences also vital.In the Mahabharat, which is which wall chapters are spoken.Hmm Abu is very awareness in fighting.But he doesn’t know how to come out of the particular military formation for culture view and once he’s strapped there, he unfortunately attains marshmallow.

Heroism alone is not a substitute for knowledge for competence.So applying the same principle even if he assumed that.The ANC’s leaders after measurement allah had one intentions and that assumption can also be examined evaluated critical but even if he assumed that they had one attention still.Good intentions alone are not enough has to be proper competence.

This is not to say that.

There is no competence in the NC. The point is that.

Competitive people need to be leadership positions and competent people need to be competent enough to get into leadership positions also.

So,The Gita is not just a spiritual guidebook for attaining inner perfection. It is also.Anal spiritual realization, but also a book for.Giving us a vision of life whereby we can make how worthwhile contribution in the outer world.And.

We pray that.Very competent leadership.Okay.

We found to eat South Africa out of its path to a darkness and that it can be led to a light where its immense potential can be tapped.Into the natural sources and other gifts that nature has given that nation.Anything can offer us enough come up as a resource of the guidance for the right balance of values and interests values are of more idealistic interests are little more practical.

So,When actions are are.Realistic balance of values are interests then.There can be.Tangible progress in the real world towards building.

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