What is the result of chanting the names of godmen who have the name of God?

by Chaitanya CharanJanuary 26, 2015

From Pandurang Charan P

Before explaining verse 9.29 you explained
•Right name, right conception – Back To Godhead
•Right name, wrong conception –Pratimbimba nama bhasa
•“Wrong” name, right conception –Spiritual advancement (eg. “wrong” names = Non-Vedic names in vernacular languages)
•Wrong name, wrong conception –mogh asha mogha-…. (9.12) – Self Proclaimed God.
Prabhuji there are some self proclaimed Gods who have Krishna’s names like Aniruddha  etc. They have the right name but wrong conception but what is being followed should put them into mogha asha category ie: Wrong name, wrong conception. Could you please clarify.

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