When Krishna says that the knowledge in disciplic succession was lost, weren’t the four sampradayas available at that time?

by Chaitanya CharanSeptember 21, 2014

From Pandurang Charan P

Transcribed by: Geetanjali Nath

Question: Question from Pandurang charan prabhu. In the Bhagavad Gita < Krishna says in 4;2 that the knowledge in the disciplic succession was lost. But then wherein the four sampradayas Shree, Brahma , Rudra and Kumar, available at time also ? and if they were, then why does Krishna says that , they were lost.

Answer: Those four sampradayas, the Padma purana says, kalau bhavaya ultakalle puroshottamma. That they are primarily for yuga. Kalau bhava… the addition for puroshottamma, will be manifested in kaliyuga, through these sampradayas, but that doesn’t mean that these are the only four sampradayas and it is not necessary that these sampradayas were present prior to kaliyuga also. Krishna is talking about a time which is towards the end of the dwapara yuga and start of kaliyuga. and he is actually talking about a specific sampradaya also. He is talking about , evam prampara prapttyam, imam rajrishi yoga vidihu. sakaalene he mehata, yogo nashtah parantapah. that , that knowledge which was coming in the raja rishi parampara , that was vivaswan, manu, ikshvaku, and so on,,, . that parampara is lost. So now certainly the four Vaishnava sampradaya that we have access to kaliyuga, they are not definitely not the sampradaya of raj rishi. They are primarily sampradaya of rishis , of sages either who are renunciates, they may not all be renunciates, but most of them were there, and the important point is that it is not a sampradaya of kings who were ruling the world , So Krishna is to talking about a specific sampradaya and in that specific sampradaya, the knowledge was lost and Krishna is restoring that knowledge. And Krishna is not talking about the four sampradayas, because we will see that it is not that Arjuna himself begins any sampradaya which continues on, over there but Krishna makes that knowledge accessible. So Krishna always makes knowledge accessible , although there may be some phases where it may be less accessible and other phases in history when it will be more accessible, and the four sampradayas are the means for this kaliyuga, but that does not mean that those were the only sampradayas. Whenever knowledge is lost dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavani yuge yuge, so Krishna comes, or ||Krishna makes some arrangements, So here Krishna is talking about how that knowledge which was lost through that sampradaya , raj rishi parampara at that time, Krishna is making , He is making that available to Arjun now.Thank you

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