Why are there irreconcilable differences between various religions?

by Chaitanya CharanMarch 28, 2013

From Shivanga Pr:

eg. Deity worship and cow protection are glorified in the Vedic tradition and condemned in Islam

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  • Purushottam Anand
    January 30, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    transcription of answer in the service of Vaishnavas…

    • Present status of every religion is determined by the maturity of its practitioners. As far as original revelation goes, that is inevitably interpreted and misinterpreted according to the level of people practicing it.
    • Original revelations come according to time, place and circumstances.
    • When Time Place Circumstances are not taken into consideration and the original revelation is taken as Universal then that leads to serious problems.
    • When contextual things are taken as absolute then there are differences.
    • In Judaism, Christianity and Islam there is no positive information about God, how He looks, features of form etc. So in this circumstances any form that would be made will be imagination and in those days lot of imaginary forms were worshiped.
    • When Moses went up the mount to get 10 commandments and below all his followers made a golden calf and started worshipping it.
    • When Moses came down, he destroyed it and told to punish all those worshipping it. It is example of human tendency to imagine forms and worship and this mentality is condemned.
    • Even in Islam there are indications that not all forms are to be condemned. In Gaba Mohammad destroyed all forms but he told that images of Jesus and Merry not be destroyed.
    • Becoz of limitedness of information, this is correct. Nowadays ppl started worshipping cricketers and politicians and this should be stopped. But problem starts when this revelation is made universal and all form of worship of God’s form os wrong then it is invalid extrapolation of the valid truth.
    • This kind of thing lead to conflict.
    • Killing cow is not essential in Islam. In middle east cows are not available only, what to speak of Killing. Are they lesser Muslims?
    • The historical Political factor which lead to the assigning of central role of cow sacrifice in Islam. There are books about – as far as possible preference should be to non violent food. (old , new testament, quran)
    • However it is not insisted as vegetable and veg food are not easily grow in desert but recommens
    • Cow sacrifice as integral right of muslims part became essential in Islam as a result of peripheries of their literature, not central to muslim. Mature person recognise
    • No spiritual teacher can give revelation without considering to the peripheries of religion as then it will not be relevant for people.
    • It is for the people to be mature enough to know the difference between central and peripheries of religion and adapt accordingly. Those who don’t adopt become irrelevant- not caring for all the society for all of society or they become malevolent where they become aggressive towards the rest of the society.
    • This is what has caused the major differences between the religions-1. Absolutisation of the contextual teaching 2. Inability to differentiate between peripheral and central aspects of religion.

  • Deepak Sancheti
    September 2, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji…
    Can I do the service to do transcription to the answers in the comment box???
    Just like Purushottam Anand Prabhuji did for this QA???

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